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The Project

The project consists of several structures to house the temple for Goddess Mahalakshmi, abode of Jagatguru Adi Sankara and other upadevatas such as Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Shiva. The Sreekovil will have a height of 91’ and the tower will be of glass. Surrounding the Sreekovil, there will be a three storied rectangular structure to house Meditation Centre, Yoga Centre, Research Centre for Sankara philosophy, abode for Tantri and VVIPs who contributed to the creation of the monument. There will be additional rooms to accommodate other senior officials and priests besides Donors, canteen and Dining Hall within the premises. The inner balconies of this structure will always provide a clear view of the Srikovil at all times.  The quadrangle will have sunlight during the day and lights lit by solar energy during night.
Behind the templeslightly away, the complex will have a large pound, at least by 100x75 feet, to be retained as "Souparnika" (Divine pound), beautifully created and seeded with lotus plants. In the middle, a life size statue of Devi Mahalakshmi in all her splendour and glory, standing in a full-blown lotus, bestowing gold coins will be consecrated. Devotees under the guidance of a group of priests, will perform Arati every evening.
This pound will be surrounded by twenty seven trees (representing 27 constellations) equi-spaced from each other on well-erected platforms to form an astrological park (Nakshtravanam) so that people can sit and meditate under them. The place will be well illuminated. The rooms will be let out to donors (on a preferential basis) and devotees for short and long stay (so that they can use as a retreat from the worldly pressures for short durations) and also to those Keralites who have no residences for themselves in the state, as a second home. This hall would be a source of regular income for the upkeep of trust activities.
The first floor will have marble flooring and walls. The various works of Jagat Guru will be inscribed on the wall as in the case of Tulsidas Ramayan at Tulsi Manas Mandir at Varanasi. The various events in the mythology/history depicting Mahalakshmi and Adi Sankara will be displayed here in animated forms.
Temple for Lakshmi would be a unique structure befitting the aura of the goddess in all her splendour. Facing the idol, at the other end a life size statue of Adi Sankara with disciples would be created. There is a plan to erect a Kalyana Mandapam between the temple and the Adi Sankara's statue so that marriages can be solemnised within the temple premises.
The divine nature of the place and its ecological beauty are to be taken into the account while the entire edifice is visualised and designed. The entire project is to be seen as smooth merger of aesthetic beauty and spiritual rising and there will not be any violation or aggression on nature while executing the project. We believe to keep the entire area as a silent zone of spirituality.

The entire funding of the project will be through public participation. The present land is bought with the generous contribution of Sri K S Balasubramanian. All trustees are expected to contribute according to their capacity and each one of them through a network shall attempt to bring more donors. We expect each donor to contribute a minimum amount of Rs.10,000/- so as to earn the position of "Donor". Each donor will be accorded with an identity card so as to enable him for certain privileges when the entire project is completed. Every donor in turn is expected to bring in at least ten donors to earn the position of the active Donor. 

So far

  • Land acquired for Memorial for Adi Sankara and Temple for Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • Conducted Devaprasnam under well known astrologer Guruvayoor Jayakrishna Panicker assisted by others on May 2-3, 2007. It was revealed that the ripe time had come to construct the temple for Lakshmi as the divine presence of both Adi Sankara and Goddess Lakshmi could be felt there. Once the project takes off, it would be completed with in three and a half years. It was further revealed that the funds would flow without any hardship. It would not be a surprise if the bright and glowing idol of goddess emerged during the construction. An unusual glow of golden sunlight surrounded the venue as can be seen from the photographs. Certain penances were performed before the construction started.
  • Penance was performed during  16-20 December 2007.
  • Shilanyasam of the Temple for Sri Mahalakshmi and Centre for Jagatguru Adi Sankara Acharya Studies was held at 8.30 a.m. on Friday, October 31, 2008 at the temple site. Trust President Brahmashri Swarnathu Narayanan Namboodiripad presided. Tantri Brahmasri Puliyannoor Murali Narayanan Namboodiripad and Stapathy Devadas Achary (Madhu) conducted the tantric rituals. Tantri laid the base stone while the five stones representing Panchabhooth were laid by President Brahmashri Swarnathu Narayanan Namboodiripad, elderly couple Shri Sankaranarayana Iyer and wife Smt Chembaka Ammal, Padmasri Dr. M. Leelavathy representing women, Shri P. K. Ravindranath representing the Board of Advisors and Shri Kunhappan representing the oppressed class. An assembly of more than 600 people watched the proceedings over CCTV. Later Secretary Shri K. V. Satyanath explained the salient features of the proposed temple and Study Centre, to be built at an estimated cost of Rs. 40 crores.
    During the public assembly, Kum. Indu beautifully rendered Kanakadharastavam.
    President felicitated all members of the Board of Advisors present, Tantri, Stapathy, Shri Neelakandhan Namboodiripad who made available the land for the temple and Shri Kunhappan who represented the oppressed class. Padmabhushan Prof. N. S. Ramaswamy who was present on the previous evening and addressed a gathering had left early morning for Bangalore to attend a meeting of the IIM